Best Blogs

As much as we love writing about food and the very best kitchen tools, we both enjoy reading what others have to say too! We thought it might be nice to share our absolute favorite foodie and kitchen blogs with you all.

So here our the My Shiny Kitchen Best Blogs:

  1. Blue Kitchen – Blue because Terry the author says he gets a little fraught from time to time in the kitchen. Frankly we don’t believe him, as his weekly recipes are always simple and inspiring. The food news topics are always thoughtful, but its those recipes we’re following Terry for!
  2. BrokeAss Gourmet – Firstly because hey, it’s a cool name! But spend a little time delving around this massive site, and you’ll uncover some sumptuous gems from Gabi, and everything costs less than $20 to prepare.
  3. If You Can Make That You Can Make This – Great food writing from New York. The blog layout is great with core recipes, that the we should all be confident at creating. If you can make those, there are scores of alternative recipes you can make too.
  4. Pie-Scream – Because we all love pie don’t we? And, for those like myself, just a little bit stressed out sometimes by pastry and pies, Kate gives us the worlds best recipes for Galettes and doesn’t take things too seriously. And, yes we love pies!
  5. Pinch My Salt – Nicole shares an upbeat love of cooking from scratch using fresh high quality ingredient. Partly we’re just jealous that she’s taking part in the Bread Bakers Apprentice Challenge! Sadly so far, our bread baking attempts have been decidedly hit and miss.
  6. The Hungry Mouse – Because anyone who can take food pics as good as Jessie and show us a recipe for chocolate ice-cream (so good it’s as luxurious as frozen chocolate ganache), deserves a place on our list! This really is a visual recipe blog, with images of every step that are so good it really makes you want to head for the kitchen.
  7. To be continued…