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Are Lodge Dutch Ovens as good as the makers claim?  We think so, but read on for a more detailed look (and the very best prices) for these versatile pieces of cast iron cookware.  They might not have the “continental glamor” of the Le Creuset casseroles, but they more than make up for it with hard working no-nonsense American design and manufacturing.

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There are all manner of sizes to choose from, along with several different designs.  Some are the bee’s knees and others maybe not, so Lodge Logic Dutch Ovenchoose wisely!  We highly recommend the simple and useful Lodge Logic Dutch oven range, but there are a few others you might like to consider.

Lodge Logic Dutch Ovens

Lodge cast iron Dutch ovenAvailable in an array of sizes (2, 3, 5, 7 and 9 quart), and designs.  The classic Logic is pictured above, but you can opt for a tempered glass lid (3, 5 and 7 quarts only), the spiral wire handled version pictured right (in 5, 7 and 9 quart sizes) that you may find easier to lift, or the 5 quart model with lid that doubles as a skillet which is useful if you are tight on space in your shiny kitchen!

The basic Lodge range is unbeatable in terms of price and quality.  Made traditionally in the US these are pots that should last years.

Off-shoots within the range include the Pro-Logic Dutch ovens available only in 4 and 5 quart sizes.  These are significantly more pricey, but do have a certain appeal I guess.  Intrinsically they are identical to the Lodge originals, but they have curvy edges which some style aficionados might prefer.  But personally, I don’t see the point in paying more when the basic Lodge models are so economical and so practical.

Lodge Logic Camp Dutch OvenWhere you might want to go for something slightly different is with a Lodge Camp Dutch oven, like that pictured right however.  These come with 3 tripod feet for stability on a camp-fire.  The real benefit though is the single handle for hanging the oven above an open fire, and the recessed lid that lets you cover the top in hot coals, which really turns the whole thing into an real camp stove.  The lid can also be reversed for use as a camping griddle.

The camp ovens come in a bewildering range of sizes (1,2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 quart sizes.

But, what if you are after something a little glitzier?  Hold on, for the range of enameled cast iron Dutch ovens from Lodge:

Lodge Enamel Dutch Ovens

Lodge Enamel Dutch OvensThere are two enameled cast iron ovens offered by Lodge.  The L Series (on the left of the image) is the most stylized with its stainless steel handle, oval shape and vibrant colors, while the Color range is far more traditional with a pot belly shape and gradated colors more reminiscent of Le Creuset.

The two ranges are for home use only, as that fancy paintwork won’t cope with an outdoor camp-fire.  They still have traditional sand molded cast iron bodies, but are not made in the Wisconsin Foundry like their Logic cousins.  Instead the enameled cookware is produced in China.  Lodge say they are made to their still high exacting standards, and importantly the range has passed safety checks to ensure no lead is present in the enamel finish.

Enameled cast iron does tend to chip relatively easily, particularly when it is not of the highest quality which is something to remember.  Though you won’t need to ever season such pots, they are unlikely to last so long as the basic pre-seasoned metal range. This is unless you are very careful with them!

For the price they aren’t bad, but ideally, both Steve and I agree that you cannot beat Logic if you want cheap and durable, or Le Creuset if you really want beautiful enamel.

The Verdict on Lodge Dutch Ovens?

Well, you will find many happy customer reviews regarding the low price, good looks, and great heat retention of Lodge enameled Dutch Ovens.  However you will also find one or two disappointed folks expecting the same perfect fit between lid and pot, as can be found on French versions and Lodge’s own Logic range of pre-seasoned pots.

The results of Lodge Logic Dutch Ovens is a whole lot more positive, with barely a bad word spoken about the American brand.  The only thing to watch out for is that a) these are of course rather heavy, and b) you will have to treat them a little bit more gently in terms of washing up than your average stainless steel cookware.  The pluses do far more than balance things out though.  A cast iron Dutch oven or casserole is likely to last decades, is easy to care for providing you give it a little thought, and most importantly produce tremendous results in the kitchen.  Lodge cast iron products are hard-working and traditional, not for every kitchen, but priced so they can be an important part of everyone that wants one.  And, of course for the best prices on Lodge Dutch ovens check out the deals via the link at the top.  We were pretty impressed with such discount prices, a whole lot lower than those on the Lodge own web-site!

The Lodge Logic Dutch Ovens though do get a big thumbs up from us, not least of all because they are so useful for cooking things like this Chicken stew

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