Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Recipe

buffalo chicken sandwichsandwich breadThe Buffalo Chicken Sub (a.k.a. Kemps) at Capitol Lounge on the Hill has been a favorite of mine since I worked on the Hill a few years back. What inspired me to replicate it was that thirst you get for cheap wings and a leftover chicken breast that was getting close to past its prime in the fridge.

How To Make A Buffalo Chicken Sub

I filleted the chicken breast, with a frankly amazing Shun Santoku knife and placed it in a skillet with buffalo sauce and cooked it. (I was using a leftover piece of meat, but the same could be done for raw chicken too.) I melted cheese on two pieces of sandwich bread in the toaster oven. Then I prepared the sandwich with lettuce, blue cheese dressing, and the buffalo chicken fillets. It was almost as good as what I remember from Cap Lounge.

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