Chefs Design Pressure Cookers

The Chefs Design Pressure Cooker range gives an affordable option if you want a sturdy stainless steel pressure cooker that can also cope with some home canning too.

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Above you can view the entire range, and see all customer reviews.  Read on for our take on these

chefs design pressure cookersDesigned by the same Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry that produce the awesome All American pressure cookers, this is a more affordable and perhaps more versatile offering for the home cook.  However, if you plan on doing a lot of home canning stick with the original!

The Chefs Design Range of Pressure Cookers

These are stainless steel pressure cookers (high quality 18/10 steel), so are easy to clean.  The base has an aluminium core sandwiched between the interior and exterior stainless steel, so you will find no hot-spots and a very even heat distribution at the base.

As well as a pressure cooker style lid (with two valves) you have a tempered glass lid so the pan can double up as an ordinary stock pot.  A steamer basket (and trivet to raise it) are also included so you feel you’re getting something a little extra I guess!

Key Features

  • Durable 18/10 stainless steel construction, with easy to clean mirror finish on the exterior.
  • Aluminum core base (but not sides which we feel is a little disappointing).
  • Two valves (11.6psi and 7.5psi) for “ordinary” and high pressure cooking.
  • Safety lock switch.
  • Heat resistant handles.
  • Extra clear tempered glass lid (we think this is actually a very good idea as the pan is then more versatile).
  • Steamer basket (with trivet to raise it up) included.  This might be very useful for some of you.  Personally I find steam tends to be a cooking method I use for delicate ingredients that I could gently and therefore would not be using a pressure cooker for.
  • 10 year warranty, and the association with the All American brand*

*This is perhaps why many home cooks choose the Chefs Design range.  However, though these are in fact designed by the makers of the All American products, they are not made by them, nor does their web-site indicate that these are American made items of cookware.

That being said, these aren’t bad, and you do get a 10 year warranty (limited of course).  But that name association thing can be a little misleading so we felt we should point it out.

Chefs Design Pressure Cooker Models

There are four products to choose from in the range:

Chefs Design Pressure Cooker 4.8 quart Chefs Design Pressure Cooker 6.4 quart Chefs Design Pressure Cooker 9 quart Chefs Design Pressure Cooker 10 7/8 quart

As you can see, size is the difference!




Choose between 4.8, 6.4, 9 or 10 7/8 quart sizes.   In all other respects these pressure cookers are identical.

The Verdict?

Well, whilst the Chefs Design Pressure Cookers aren’t a bad buy, they possibly aren’t the best.   We were a little disappointed about the pressure these reach.  The higher setting is 11.6psi, which will certainly speed up your pot roasts.  But most recipes call for 15psi (which is the usual for most other pressure cookers), meaning you will need to adjust times a little.  Of course you will get used to it, but it seems a shame to slow down the process at all.

These are mid-price products that can be well worth buying when you find them on offer (which thankfully, is quite often with Amazon).  But at full price we feel some of the other makes, such as Presto, or our favorite Fagor pressure cookers offer more for the money.

However, real customers have given their reviews (you can view them via the button at the top) and they are on the whole pretty favorable.  With an average 4 out of 5 star rating Chefs Design are a brand to consider.  But we will of course be bringing you our real favorite pressure cookers at My Shiny Kitchen soon!



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