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I have always enjoyed using a coffee press, for smooth fresh and easy to prepare coffee in the morning. During the summer I invested in a stainless steel thermal coffee pot after breaking yet another glass one. I am now a total convert. Not only do they look great (and Thermal coffee pressare indeed beautiful enough for my shiny kitchen), but they seem to be impossible to break, which is a real bonus in this accident prone household!

Stainless Steel Coffee Press

I know many of you will favour complicated coffee machines, and yes there is one I hanker after.  But in a small family, the simple functionality of a coffee press is perfect.  Having a thermal one gives you a good volume of coffee ready and warm to keep you functioning through the early morning routine.

Of course there are various sizes available.  I went for the 8 cup version, which actually gives us a little over 4 rather large mugs of coffee.  I know small cups are more traditional, but hey we like mugs for our morning cuppa!  Between two of us, it is a great way to settle into the home office once showered and ready to begin the days work.

The stainless steel seems to be great quality.  I’ve been using mine for a good few months and there is not a mark on it.  The lid which includes the filter and plunger is also easy to dismantle for a thorough clean, and is even the filter is holding up better than expected.  I have had cheaper versions in the past and the filters always seemed to end up losing some of their shape and thus letting odd coffee grounds through.  Now you can buy additional filters, but of course it is far better to have one that is really built to last in the first place, don’t you think?

Bodum Coffee Press Reviews

Well, you can tell I love my shiny stainless steel coffee press, but what does the rest of the world think?  Well click the links above and you can see all the Bodum Coffee Press Reviews written so far.   At the time of writing there were well over 200 reviews written by real customers.  The overall average rating is 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars which is pretty impressive.  Customers seem pretty much to echo my own thoughts on this cool coffee pot:

The filter fits excellently so you get a satisfying suction noise as you press it down, and minimal coffee ground interference in your cup.  The only thing I would say, is that though the sales blurb suggests coffee will stay hot for 2 hours, we don’t find that in our rather cool home office.  An hour maybe which is one helluva improvement on traditional French coffee presses which seem to produce cold coffee within minutes, but if you are hoping to keep your coffee hot for hours at a time you might be a little disappointed.  Remember to turn the lid around when not in use as this blocks up the spout opening and will help conserve the heat for a little longer.

On the whole I am extremely pleased with my stainless steel coffee press.  It is shiny, makes great coffee that stays hot for longer.  My only question is why didn’t someone tell me about these years ago, so I wouldn’t have kept buying replacement jars for the glass French press I had?

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