Cuisinart CSB-77 Smart Stick Hand Blender with Whisk and Chopper Attachments

The Cuisinart CSB-77 Smart Stick Hand Blender with Whisk and Chopper Attachments came third on my rundown of the best Immersion blenders and it was a very close call between this and the number 2 pick the KitchenAid KHB300.

In fact it is just about as good, and even a little more stylish in my opinion.

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The Cuisinart smart stick hand blender is a pretty amazing price, that is for sure. The discount offered by Amazon currently makes it hard to resist. So what exactly are we getting?

Cuisinart CSB-77 Smart Stick Hand Blender with Whisk and Chopper AttachmentsCuisinart CSB-77 Details

We get two extra attachments that are ideal for making life just that little bit easier. A chopper and whisk plus a beaker for measuring too.

The chopper is something that I find very useful and it is perfect for when you are trying to eat more healthily and want some fruit for your breakfast. It makes it very quick to chop the health giving fruit up.

As for the blender itself?

Very good.


With a 200 watt motor we have a pretty heavy duty product. From 1-9 we have total control over the speed with a simple push of the button.

Main Features

There are a few key points that make this a great buy.

  • Comfortable handle
  • Reversible blade, blunt or sharp, depending on your blending or chopping/mincing needs
  • Stainless steel for a high quality finish
  • Push button control
  • Free manual and recipe book

The Cuisinart Immersion blender is probably the best option if you want something that looks stylish as well as being very performance driven. The handy whisk is a great extra feature that makes it even more versatile and the motor is powerful enough for some serious grinding if you want to use it for more than just making drinks, soups etc.

Cuisinart CSB 77 Reviews

On Amazon there are actually many hundreds of reviews and I do have to agree with a lot of them. The main thing with the Cuisinart CSB77 is that with the attachments it simply makes it a lot more versatile than options without these extras. It is worth a small price increase to get these extra benefits.

My butternut squash soup comes out perfectly every time and it was interesting to see that someone else used it for this exact same purpose too!

The main thing with this blender is that it simply saves you having to move soups etc into a blender. You can blend even a large batch of soup right there in  he pot to save time, and mess.

My Wrap-Up

Although other options are slightly cheaper in my Immersion Blender Guide the Cuisinart smart stick hand blender is probably the best looking of the bunch, with the most comfortable handle.

If you want something that you can leave out for convenience on the counter then this is probably about the best value for money that there is.

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