Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker

For those wary of valves, gaskets and placing pressure cookers on flat hobs, perhaps and electric pressure cooker is the answer?  We have always used old-fashioned stove top models, but understand that some are a little more apprehensive of steam and noise so decided to have a look at the Cuisinart Pressure Cooker range which seems to be the best selling electric cooker with many consumers.

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In theory at least, this does look promising.  Timers, precision thermostat, safety guards (the unit won’t pressurise unless the lid is fitted properly), settings for different sorts of cooking, all make this an ingenious piece of kit (particularly when priced under $100.

Cuisinart Electric Pressure CookerBut, just like ordinary stove top pressure cookers, you will have to get used to this way of cooking.  You need to make sure the pressure valve and handle are in exactly the right position to get the thing going, which isn’t difficult but is important.  Once you have the hang of quick pressure cooking it is straightforward, but sometimes during the “learning” phase there are occasional less than perfect suppers to endure!

What We Like…

  • Well, you get 1000 watts of power, and a decent 6 quart capacity.  This means that things like 16 minute baked potatoes are a breeze, whilst huge pots of stews and soups will feed the family easily.
  • There are two pressure settings (6 and 10psi), giving you more control over just how fast and furious your stocks should bubble away.
  • The outside says cool (which is a no-brainer really, and if it didn’t we would be very disappointed!.
  • The timer makes cooking staples such as dried beans is probably easier than in a stove top model, where if you forget you end up with a pretty unappetizing mush.
  • Once you learn your way around it, this is very easy to use, with clear controls.
  • The option to pressure cook, saute, brown, warm or simmer your foods is a useful touch.
  • Both the non-stick cooking pot and trivet are both dishwasher safe.

And The Not So Great…

On the whole this is a decent electric pressure cooker.  There have been some failings in the past, but Cuisinart seem to have rectified the issues, and if any problematic cookers slip through quality control, they are replacing them quickly.

The lower pressure (the high pressure is only 10psi) when compared to stove top pressure cookers means that you will actually have to get used to taking longer to cook meals than you did before if switching from old-fashioned to modern.

The instruction manual is not exactly brilliant, but then again this is not that complicated a device and really everything is pretty self explanatory.

It’s electric!  Yes I know, that is the whole point, and for some this will be a godsend in the kitchen, speeding up cooking times.  However,  the simplicity of a stove top pressure cooker, for me is worth the money since the only bits that can go wrong, can be replaced by me.  As much as I dearly love electronic gadgets in the kitchen I am not sure that I need the potential problems of one when my stainless steel Presto pressure cooker will go on and on with far less opportunity for potential problems.

Where to Buy?

For the best price I suggest Amazon.  They usually have pretty good discounts on this model since it is always in their best selling kitchen products list.  Also, it means you can have a look at over 240 customer reviews.  These are worth a look since potential problems (such as those experienced in 2010) can be spotted, and you can also check they have been rectified.


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