Cuisinart TOB-155 Toaster Oven: Reviews and Deals

Not quite as popular as the TOB-195 the Cuisinart TOB-155 toaster oven is still a very popular make with consumers. There are a lot of positive reviews so let’s take a look at this really rather elegant Cuisinart TOB-155 for sale.

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Not a super budget item like the Black and Decker TRO480BS toaster oven or even the slightly more expensive Oster 6 slice toaster oven, this is real high quality with a lot of great features. The price is lower than you would expect, which is always a good sign as far as I am concerned.

Cuisinart-TOB-155Cuisinart toaster ovens are some of the most well known, and the most popular for those that want something with a little style in the kitchen, so let’s see how the TOB-155 stand up.

Cuisinart TOB-155 Price

If you want the best price Cuisinart TOB-155 then you are in luck. Use the link and you can currently buy for a very discounted price. It makes it an attractive proposition as long as it performs well. The discount TOB-155 is by no means a second rate toaster oven though so lets look at its features:


This is actually pretty comprehensive when it comes to toaster ovens. It beats many in our toaster oven ratings guide.

  • Good 3 year limited warranty
  • Clock and timer display
  • Touchpad controls
  • All the usual, defrost, broil, bake functions we expect
  • 6 slice option in a large capacity oven
  • Easy to clean

Not bad but nothing that really makes it stand out too much, apart from the 6 slice option. So what else makes the  best price Cuisinart TOB-155 worth the cost?


We get an auto shut off, we get a shade control, i.e how dark the toast gets,  totally adjustable timer and a pull out tray to remove the crumbs. All pretty good but nothing to really write home about as far as I am concerned.

TOB-155 Capacity

It is the size, as well as the design, which we will get to in a moment, that really makes this a toaster oven to consider. Large enough to cook a  12 inch pizza or a whole chicken it means that for a lot of cooking it can actually replace our larger main oven.

  • 0.6 cubic feet capacity
  • 1500 watts

The interior is relatively large for a toaster oven and the decent wattage makes it able to perform well. But if you look at the wattage of your main oven you will see that this still uses about half the amount. It means we can dramatically cut down on our bills if we use this on a regular basis. It makes it a good investment for that reason alone.

Discount Cuisinart TOB-155 Design

There is no doubt that the discount price makes it appealing, and the size even more so. It is really very versatile. But if it looks like a pile of scrap (I said scrap!) metal then we don’t want it in our kitchen. It is often the main problem with toaster ovens, many simply do not look appealing. They take up a fair amount of space so we want them to actually look good. In fact we want them to enhance the look of the kitchen.

There are a few great features that make the design really rather impressive.

Glass Door

The glass door is simple and stylish and the sleek handle really does make it look very expensive.

Sliding Rack

The rack slides out for ease of access so getting to our toast, or roast, is simplicity itself. And thanks to the crumb tray we won’t get too much mess.

Stainless Steel And Black

The stainless steel finish gives it a very heavy duty feel, in fact it is heavy duty. Built to last and built to look great the Cuisinart TOB 155 look is great. All enhanced by the black sides and touchpad buttons.

Cuisinart TOB 155 Reviews

As with all our reviews we always recommend that you read what others have to say too.

Cuisinart TOB155 Toaster OvenClick HERE to read customer reviews and check the Amazon price

Reviews are very positive, the looks are especially admired.

People love all the functions and the fact that it is so versatile. The only drawback is that the glass can get hot. You will need to use an oven glove, not for toasting, the door stays open then. Just like you do for your main oven. This is the same with all toaster ovens with a glass door though and cannot be changed.

Personally I would rather be able to see what is inside and how it is cooking than have a door I could not see through that maybe did not get so hot.

All in all this is a very stylish oven that is sure to add a sense of real design and luxury to any kitchen. It is not quite up there with the more expensive Breville BOV800XL but the mid range price makes it the best for those that want a less expensive model that still performs well. I think that for the money, which is mid-range in price the Cuisinart TOB-155 best buy is a great deal.

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