EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale

The EatSmart digital nutrition scale is by far my favorite electronic kitchen scale. In the electronic kitchen scales reviews guide it was my top  pick, and not just for the great price it can be bought for, although it is excellent value for money.

Let’s take a look at why this is the best nutritional food scale on offer and the best digital kitchen scale as well. Check out the low price first though.

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I want to expand a little on what I talked about in the guide to the best 5 kitchen scales. With the Eatsmart digital nutrition scales we are buying a scale that is going to last a lifetime and never need to be updated. It acts as a regular food scale, much as all others do, but it has a number of benefits over them all and it makes the slight price increase over cheaper models more than worth the money.

Best Digital Nutrition Scale

eatsmart-digital-nutrition-scaleAs well as being the best digital nutrition scale it is one of the most accurate food scales too. It weighs very accurately in grams or ounces right up to 11 lbs, which is more than sufficient.

But it comes in to its won with the extra features. Let me explain what I mean.

let’s say you buy a normal set of scales, they are fine for all of your weighing needs. But then let’s say at some point in the future you decide to either diet or change your eating habits, maybe after reading Kelly’s slow carb diet recipes. You need to know the calories in your food and other factors too. It would mean buying a nutritional scale at extra expense. But if you buy EatSmart digital nutritional scales you only ever need one set of scales.

It may not be something that you need now but the extra features make it a worthwhile purchase. Here is what it will do along with weighing your ingredients:

With the simple push of a button it will give reading for the following:

  • Calories
  • Fats
  • Carbs
  • Fiber
  • Sodium
  • Vitamin K
  • and 6 more nutrients too

Talk about all singing and all dancing.

And it does this for literally thousands of foods.

We also get features like a tare button to reset the scale to zero once you put a bowl or plate on it and we also get a very good 2 year warranty. It also has a memory mode for foods you have gotten the nutritional information from before which is a great addition.

 Buy Nutrition Scales

This is why I really do recommend that you buy nutrition scales if you think that at any point in the future these extra features may be of help. We have sourced the best price Eatsmart digital nutrition scale supplier so you don’t have to hunt around the Web for hours checking prices and personally I think the price is so good it would be a shame to miss out on all that it has to offer.

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