EatSmart Precision Pro – Multifunction Digital Kitchen Scale

Every shiny kitchen needs precision kitchen scales.  When space is at a premium the best choice is to go for digital kitchen scale such as the EatSmart Precision Pro digital kitchen scale pictured.

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These electronic scales are economical but oh so practical.  With a sleek design that takes up hardly any room you have no weights or extra bowls to store away.  Pop whatever you are mixing in on the scales, set the display to zero and then add your ingredients.  As much as I love my mother’s cast iron and brass Victorian kitchen scales they simply cannot match the modern far more easy to use digital models.

eatsmart digital kitchen scalesI have to say I’m not entirely sure why they chose to market these weighing an avocado as I can’t see anyone actually ever using them for that!  But with their low price these are the best selling digital scales for the kitchen today, so I shall forgive their marketing department this tiny idiosyncratic behavior!

Multifunction Digital Kitchen Scale

Right then on to the official stuff.  These can weigh in ounces, pounds, grams and kilos, and will weigh up to 11 lbs which is a pretty hefty amount.  The Tare button takes you weight back to zero so ignoring your bowl, plate or previous ingredient.  Great for cake making with less washing up!

Now if you have a particular dietary need, or are simply on a diet, you might like the added bonus that comes with these scales; a calorie factors book which gives you calories per gram for a wide range of foods.  Weighing with 0.05 ounces or 1 gram increments means you can use these scales to be extremely accurate about what you are eating.

The larger than average display is a real bonus as it lets you actually read the weight easily and from a wide angle.  My last scales were fabulous but nearly impossible to read!  These are a great improvement I can say.

EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale Reviews

Okay so I like them (particularly their shiny silver incarnation), just like the great looks of the OXO good grips stainless food scale,  but what to thousands of other customers think?  Well to see all the digital kitchen scale reviews already written by customers just click the link at the top.  At the time of writing the scales had been awarded an average of 5 stars with almost 2000 customer reviews written.   Impressive huh?

The key points that most people are writing about include:

performs exactly as advertised

small, handy, works great

very accurate and easy to use

easy to switch between grams, kilos, ounces & pounds

remembers your most recently used measure

lightweight yet sturdy

As you can see this is one simple kitchen scale that is keeping people happy.  There are others with more features but frankly they just seem like there is more possibility for something to go wrong!  These do exactly what they need to do, and they do it brilliantly – what more do you need?

Best Priced Multifunction Digital Kitchen Scale

The key feature that keeps nearly 2000 other customers (and myself) happy with the EatSmart Precision Pro digital kitchen scales is that they do what they should and they are cheap too.  Scales are pretty simple (even very accurate digital ones) so there is no reason we should be charged excessively for the pleasure of weighing our avocados.  At around $25 these are a real snip and well worth the money.

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