Electronic Kitchen Scales Reviews

There are a certainly a number of options for Electronic Kitchen scales, digital Kitchen scales if you prefer, but there are only a limited number that we actually recommend. In this electronic kitchen scales reviews article I will take a look at the top 5 kitchen scales all working electronically for ease of use, space saving advantages, and accuracy of measurement.

My kitchen certainly isn’t small, and, just like Kelly’s, it is rather well equipped, but both of us have been through a number of scales over the years until we decided on a high quality electric kitchen scale. They are real space savers, if nothing else, and if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen as we do then however large it is you know that there always seems to be a lack of room. A Digital kitchen scale is the answer, so:

In the words of one famous Internet writer (me, Steve Mountain):

Let’s get on with it then!

Best Electronic Kitchen Scales Review


eatsmart digital nutrition scaleEatsmart Digital Nutrition Scale

At the top of the list has to be the Eatsmart digital nutrition scale. This is an all singing all dancing nutritional scale that is by far the best I recommend. Let me explain why.

Not only is is super accurate for weighing all of your produce, ingredients for recipes etc but it does so much more.

See my full review: EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale

With great looks and a minimal size it is a space saver unlike any other, especially when we see just what it is capable of. Some people will wonder why this is the top pick when it is not the cheapest, but I think that for a one off purchase the small price difference over my other top picks for the best electronic kitchen scales is worth it when you see what the Eatsmart digital nutrition scale does.

Basically it will tell you the calories, carbs, sodium, fats, fiber etc etc of thousands of food stuffs instantly. If you follow Kelly’s free low carb recipes series or any other form of diet or calorie counting then this is totally invaluable.

I am not a dieter myself, but I do follow a low carb eating plan, and the nutritional information really is invaluable (do you know how many calories are in pasta!!!) and this is why it is my top pick. You may not feel that you need this information now, you just want to weigh ingredients, but if you want this feature at a later date then you will have to buy a nutritional scale. So buy the best now and only buy one electronic kitchen scale in your lifetime. A 2 year guarantee as standard doesn’t hurt either.


eatsmart precision proEatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale

See Kelly’s full review for much more detailed information and to buy this very cheap scale that never compromises on quality.

EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale by Kelly.

My second pick, you will be pleased to note, is also one of the cheapest digital kitchen scales currently in the market. The EatSmart precision pro digital kitchen scale is another very well designed scale by one of our favorite brands, EatSmart. This option comes in either black and chrome, white, red, silver and chrome or solver, I prefer the shiny Kitchen black option personally. Probably inspired by the Shiny Kitchen name of our Website!

Basically this is a scales with over 2000 customer reviews, all glowing, and with a low price to boot then you simply know that you are on to a good thing. A free calorie counting book is included and while not as good as having this feature built in like with my top pick it is certainly a great bonus for such a low price.


ozeri pro digital kitchen food scaleOzeri Pro Digital Kitchen Food Scale

Ozeri make up my 3rd and 4th top picks for the best digital kitchen scales and we are now getting in to even lower prices than ever before. Ozeri are a great brand and Ozeri Pro is a very slim model. A lot slimmer than in the picture to the left.

See my full Ozeri Pro digital kitchen food scale review for more details, pictures and the crazy low price.

Measuring from 1-11 lbs and with a tare function, as all my top picks do, this basically allows you to set the scale to zero after adding your weighing receptacle, the oversize buttons make using this model a cinch. Very light and easy to store, it is perfect for anyone who wants a scale for the kitchen that is discreet and can be slid in to a small space somewhere.


ozeri touch iiOzeri Touch II Professional Digital Kitchen Scale

The Ozeri touch ii, is, in my opinion, the best looking of all the scales on offer.  And it is actually a pretty amazingly low price too. See the Ozeri Touch II review for all the details and the price. This is a kitchen scale that looks great and performs brilliantly as well.

With touch sensitive buttons and advanced and very large LCD screen is is simplicity itself to actually use.

This is one of the most precise scales on offer so if you want accuracy then this is about as good as it gets.

See the Ozeri Touch II page for more details and to take advantage of is currently an insanely low price.

Let’s take a look at my last pick of the 5 best electronic kitchen scales.


oxo good grips food scaleOXO Good Grips Stainless Food Scale With Pull Out Display

Perfect for those that want to weigh on large plates or bowls. The main drawback to any flat scale such as those we have looked at is the fact that if the container you put the ingredients on or in is too large then it is hard to see the scales. The OXO good grips food scale is the answer.

You pull out the display and in this way you can use very large containers to do your measuring in.

See the full review and pricing here: OXO good grips stainless food scale with pull-out display

The price may be a little higher than a few of my picks, and this is really the only reason why it is low down, apart from paying a few dollars more this is one of the best recommended digital food scales simply for the fact that it is so convenient to use.

It comes with all the usual features we would expect and is a great option for the most versatile electronic kitchen scale from my reviews.


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