Fagor Pressure Cooker Reviews

Do you want a pressure cooker that works and looks fabulously futuristic?  If you do, its Fagor all the way!  They look fantastic but are they good at their primary function too?  Well, we thought it was about time My Shiny Kitchen had a look, but if you don’t care what we have to say you can read customer reviews via the link button:

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The Fagor Pressure Cookers offer a more stylish look to the ubiquitous stove top pressure cooker, particular when compared with the likes of the Presto pressure cooker range.  As well as the best selling Fagor Duo, there are several other models to choose from Fagor Stainless Steel Pressure Cookerdetailed below.

Fagor Duo Pressure Cookers – Our Favorite

These are the most popular, and with good reason.  They look great, and are a doddle to use.  The triple safety mechanism, and solid construction mean these are safe, and great for a beginner to get to grips with the wonderful world of speedy pressure cooking.

Duo Features

  • 18/10 stainless steel construction
  • Aluminum base sandwiched between stainless steel for faster heating
  • Dial pressure setting for 2 levels; Level 1 (Low 8.5psi) or Level 2 (High 15psi), based on a safe spring type pressure mechanism
  • Automatic pressure release position & Visual pressure Indicator
  • Stainless steel trivet and steamer basket
  • 10 year warranty
  • 4qt, 6qt, 8qt, 10qt sizes available
  • Safe; triple safety features include the dual pressure control valve plus two independent over pressure release valves, along with a locking handle that cannot be opened until the pressure has been released

Basically it is a safe, modern stove top pressure cooker, that can be used on induction hobs.  What sets it apart is the Fagor build quality, which is great for the money and the modern good looks.

fagor duo combi pressure cooker set

Of all the Fagor range, the Duo Pressure Cooker is our favorite, not least of all because you have the reassurance of tons of customer reviews to get a feel for the popular product.  The Fagor web-site is also so useful, with tons of FAQ and easy to find (and follow) pressure cooker recipes.

We particularly like the Duo Combi pictured which gives great value for money, providing an 8 and a 4 quart pot, one glass lid, one pressure lid (both lids fit both pots) and a steamer, for far less than buying the cookers separately.

In fact we like it so much we give it 5 stars!

But the Duo is not all Fagor have to offer the Pressure Cooker shopper, so lets have a look at their less well know products:

Fagor Rapida Pressure Cookers

Fagor Rapida Pressure Cooker SetThe Rapida is pretty similar to the Duo, but has a funky belly shape, and is the cheapest Fagor pressure cooker around today.

The but price means you will be getting a slightly more basic model (even if it is very pretty).

The key thing to note is that you only have one pressure setting (15psi which is “high”, or the one most likely to used).  You also won’t get a steamer basket unless you go for one of the sets like that pictured.

Also, the Rapida is only available in 4, 6 and 10 quart sizes which considering that 8 quarts is generally the most popular for family cooking seems a shame.

Fagor Splendid Pressure Cookers

Fagor Splendid 5 Piece Pressure Cooker SetAnother cheaper option from Fagor, their Splendid Pressure Cookers come in 4, 6 and 10 quart sizes.

Basically this is the Rapida but with the straighter sides of the Duo.  You only get one pressure (15psi) and no strainer.  Other than that, this is the same high quality, robust cooker that feels like it will last years.

For the best buy we suggest their 5 piece sets, featuring either 4 and 6 quart or 4 and 8 quart pots, plus pressure lid, tempered glass lid and stainless steel basket.

Fagor Futura Pressure Cookers

Fagor Futuro 5 Piece Pressure Cooker SetThe Futuro range gives you the functionality of the Duo, with 2 pressure settings, and the curvy belly shape of the Rapida, plus (and this is important), short handles for easier storage.  You do also get the rather bizarre addition of a small steamer basket that doubles as a grater.  I may be missing something here buy I really don’t get why!

You do pay a premium for those handles, so if they are not critical we still suggest the Duo is a better deal.

Fagor are a leading brand for domestic appliances in Europe, and it seems they are not doing too badly in the US, particularly with regards to stainless steel pressure cookers.

Fagor Pressure Cooker Reviews

For beautiful design, and practicality we love the Fagor Duo Pressure Cooker Range in particular.  But if you have a tighter budget (or very small kitchen closets) their other products might suit too.

Customer reviews confirm that the entire range is easy to use, strongly built and very well sealed, and look great.  We know this shouldn’t be important, but come on admit it, we like our kitchen tools to look great as well as being work-horses that will keep us well fed for years to come.  I know we won’t stop hoards of people settling for a more than adequate (but oh so uninspiring Presto pressure cooker), but do consider these more modern Spanish designed cookers.

And where do you buy these beauties?  If you are based in the US, Amazon have nearly the entire range (including all Duo models) at the lowest prices.  Cooks in Europe will find them everywhere!

Whilst we still suggest you cannot beat an aluminum All American Pressure Cooker for canning; to date, Fagor (particularly the Duo range) are our favorite stainless steel pressure cookers.


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