Guinness Cocktail Mixes

guiness cocktailI admit when I first heard about mixing Guinness with other liquids I was confused; Guinness is so good on it’s own. But after about a year of intrigue I recently tried it, here are some great Guinness cocktail mixes. There are quite a few mixes; I mixed Guinness with what I had around my apartment. And loved using my Lenox Tuscany ice bucket, (a touch of class). The first mix was Guinness and champagne, called Black Velvet, mixed fifty-fifty. This mix was invented in 1861 when Londoners were mourning the death of Prince Albert. Locals were told that even the champagne be put into mourning, which proceeded to mix with Guinness.

The next Guinness mix I tried was with orange juice, called a Wasp Sting, mix 1 part OJ 3 parts Guinness. I don’t know the origin of this mix, the name supposedly refers to the color of Guinness and orange juice resembling the color of a Wasp, and after tasting the drink the citrus will sting, or so they say. I liked the Wasp Sting mix the best – the orange juice compliments the Guinness very nicely – which I did not expect.


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