Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker

Hamilton Beach produce a range of slow cookers, both programmable and manual. By far their most popular product (and with good reason) is the Hamilton Beach 33967 Set ‘n Forget 6 quart cooker pictured.

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With a recommended retail price of around $60, it can usually be found for significantly less online (at the time of writing it is on offer at just over $44). No wonder then that it is one of the best selling small kitchen appliances at the online store.

But, as we all know, sometimes a low price is reflected in the product you get. So, time for a little look at the 33967 to see if it deserves its popularity (price aside).

Hamilton Beach Slow CookerWell, I’ve been studying customer reviews (so useful – they’re always worth checking before buying anything online nowadays), manufacturer promises, and the slow cooker buyer’s guide to see just whether Hamilton Beach is a name worth considering if choosing an electric slow cooker. And, so without further ado, here’s what I have come up with:

Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker Review

The Plus Points

Did I mention the low price? It does make it a very tempting proposition, and so worth considering. But of course it needs to be good at it’s job too.

  • First off, it’s a good size. 6 quarts will mean you get a good sized joint of meat, or bird in there without much fuss. And, for communal eating of chili or stew it will cope bravely.
  • Ability to cook for programmed length of time at two temperatures. Just tell the machine how long to cook for, and whether on a high or low heat setting.
  • You can also take manual control, setting the temperature and turning off, up or down when the time you need to cook for is done.
  • There is a temperature probe included, and if you cook on “probe” setting the machine will monitor a large piece of meat. Once the internal temperature has reached the set level, the appliance switches to “warm” mode. This should mean you don’t under cook meat, or conversely overcook it either. This is great if you are particularly nervous of cooking meat, though to be honest slow cooking meat shouldn’t frighten anyone, as when it’s done if the cooker has done its job right the meat should be juicy and falling from the bone.
  • When using the program mode, the display will show you the time remaining till the cooking is finished.
  • The lid locks securely in place with a gasket. This I do think is a great feature, since slow cookers are often about communal eats. Being able to take your pot luck dinner in its cookware makes sense and reduces the washing up. A tight fitting lid is essential for keeping both moisture and heat in too.
  • The large and sturdy side handles also make this easy (if heavy) to transport.
  • There is a clip on ladle supplied, which is handy when taking your finished recipe over to friends.
  • The stone-ware is removable and both it and the tempered glass lid are dishwasher safe (though they will take up a whole heap of room in there).
  • If there is a short power outage (5 seconds or less) the unit will remember how long it has left to cook for.
  • The controls are basic, which means easy to use, and the digital display is a decent size.

The Not So Great…

First up, it isn’t the most stylish of kitchen appliances is it? But it is functional and cheap so I guess we might not expect anything too glamorous.

The large handles might be practical for transporting food but if this is only ever sat on your kitchen counter they might seem a little space wasting.

The clip on spoon is a nifty idea (if you use it), but is pretty budget plastic that doesn’t exactly scream quality.

There have been issues with this model suddenly stopping cooking part way through a program cycle. Whilst most customers do not experience this issue, a significant number have mentioned it. Of over 570 customer reviews of the Hamilton Set & Go Slow Cooker on amazon, over 370 rate this a 5 star kitchen appliance, whilst around 50 rated it with only 1 star. We can see then, that the majority of cookers are working well, as advertised, and for a very reasonable price. But if you do buy this model it is worth considering this minority of customers who have had problems.

Hamilton Beach Set ‘n Forget Slow Cooker – The Verdict?

Overall, its a good budget buy. The controls are intuitive, the functions are all most of us need and the price is very low. There are better looking slow cookers around, and some with more functions, but for a weekly pot roast the Hamilton Beach slow cooker is certainly worth considering.

You can view the care and instruction manual here.

If you would like to find out more about choosing such an appliance, check out our Slow Cooker Buyer’s Guide.


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