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A simple seven piece home canning set might inspire you to “put down” food for the coming year, or simply make your current canning endeavours a whole lot easier!

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I have enjoyed canning for years.  I am not prolific, but in fits and starts I will can anything that is going spare.   In truth you need very little in the way of specialist equipment to create great pickles and preserves at home.  After all people have been doing this for 7 Piece Home Canning Setcenturies.  I myself got by with nothing more technical than an extremely large pot for years.  But in my quest to create the very shiniest kitchen I have splurged a little and bought a few canning supplies that I really don’t know how I ever managed without.

Cheap Home Canning Sets

After I had my little bout of retail therapy I looked a little closer and realised I could have simply bought a canning set like the one pictured above (from Norpro) and actually saved myself some pennies as well as getting more cool gadgets to play with whilst canning.

So in a bid to stop you making the same mistake, if you are considering buying any canning supplies, check out the range of great canning sets first.  You might find they offer you far better value for money than buying the items individually.

A few things that I really wanted, to make pickling and jam making less messy and more straightforward included a wide neck jam funnel, a jar lifter and sterilising rack for the lids since I seem to lose them in the oven far too often!

The extras you get with most of these canning sets include a canning rack that is great to stop jars jostling.  But it is only great as long as it fits inside the pot you are canning in (so do check).  Additional items include magnetic lid lifters (hardly crucial buy handy all the same) and cheesecloth.  You can buy some very cheap canning sets that tend to made primarily of plastic.  These are okay, but to my mind steel is far easier to keep sterile so that is the option I would always go for when buying canning supplies.

Additional home canning supplies that I again got by without for years, but no find impossible to be without include that all important jelly thermometer.  These need to be the best quality you can afford to ensure they are accurate so I would buy this item separately and ensure it is from a reputable brand.  But for the basics, a cheap and cheerful home canning set will really speed up your canning sessions in your shiny Kitchen!

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