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Now, being something of a foodie and an all around lover of cooking, I am lucky enough to have oodles of ideas when it comes to buying gifts for cooks. Today, I thought a look at some of the best Kitchen Aprons was in order. Why? Well, because whilst you might not have the funds for the latest KitchenAid Stand Mixer for your loved one’s up and coming birthday, you should be able to spoil them with a great kitchen apron they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves!

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These are the kind of gifts you can have real fun with, or simply choose something practical and timeless, the choice is pretty much endless. So here are my current favorites:

Cute Kitchen Aprons

cute apronFor something fun, do check out the range of Jessie Steele Aprons. There are tons to choose from and they will surely impress any fan of vintage retro design and cooking.

The vintage apron design pictured is a classic cup-cake pattern (also available in children’s size too, so you can create the perfect cake with the kids in style!

Now, this isn’t the most practical apron in the world if you are particularly messy (like myself), or will be dealing with lots of fish or meat. But for a touch of nostalgic glamor while you’re creating something tasty in the baking department it is a lot of fun. For messier jobs I would suggest something a little more substantial, and perhaps with more coverage up top. These are classic 1950’s inspired designs with A-line skirts and relatively small top panels. Fine if you’re just getting messy with flour and sugar, but the material might not be thick enough if you’re planning on plucking a chicken wearing it. For fun, without the tasteless design of so many “funny” and “humorous” aprons, these are delightful.

These are exactly the kind of aprons I wish I could wear. However, since I am a realist I currently sport the one below, which is far more forgiving of my messy nature in the kitchen…

Le Creuset Aprons

kitchen apron from le creusetI would love to waft around in a haze of nutmeg and cinnamon wearing one of the vintage aprons from Jessie Steele. But I am just far too messy, and tend to be creating meals that could really damage my clothes if not protected with something substantial. Which is why my dear sister bought me a Le Creuset Apron like the one pictured (but in black). This is most definitely a “unisex” apron!

These are made from very thick cotton canvas which is supposed to resist tearing or ripping. The whole thing is then coated in nylon to repel grease and steam. The idea is that spills don’t stick, so your new apron keeps looking good for longer.

The whole thing is very generous size-wise, so I wouldn’t buy it as a gift for a shorter cook, as it could swamp them. I’m about 5 foot 5 and it is fine, but a few inches shorter and I think you might feel like you were dressing up in someone else’s kitchen attire!

The quality (as you might expect from Le Creuset) is fantastic. But careful as the price can be a little on the extravagant side. The RRP of over $50 seems a little on the steep side, but they can usually be found for around half that (click the link above for current deals).

These are the kind of practical aprons you can wipe your hands onto and not worry that anything will get through to your “ordinary” clothes underneath. And, the pockets are massive which is great if you need to carry around your utensils so you know where they are!

Leather Barbecue Apron

leather barbecue apronOnto something all together more manly now, with my favorite barbecue apron; the Outset F240 leather grill apron pictured.

I think its rather nice to find a rugged grill apron that isn’t proclaiming love of a particular team, or just how great at cooking over coals your man is. Something authentically masculine if you will!

Now, I don’t know just how well the suede finish is going to hold up if you get oil or fat splatters on it, but the fire retardant lining will make it great for cooking outdoors, and in style too!

And, if you are buying this for your man, think of it as an investment; less washing and also less indoor cooking for you, because we all know men need very little encouragement to get creative cooking out of doors!

See, you don’t just have to go with comedy aprons if you’re thinking of a great kitchen gift idea (though they can be funny if you choose carefully!). Go for a kitchen apron that is a little more classic or vintage if you want to impress a serious cook this season.


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