KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixers

The KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer has to have a page here at the Shiny Kitchen.  After all it is a true classic Kitchen gadget, lusted after by foodies and bought in vast quantities by those that understand sometimes you really do get what you pay for!

We’ll be having a look at whether the Artisan really is worth the hype below. But if you don’t give a hoot what I think, you can:

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If you are looking for the best stand mixer available you simply have to choose KitchenAid (either the Pro 600 Series, or this classic Artisan model).  The right one will probably depend on just how much mixing you intend to do.  The Artisan is a slightly more practical size and will do perfectly well for most of us.

kitchenaid stand mixerKitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

With its retro good looks, and huge color swatch to choose from the Artisan Mixer is a true design classic.  And, because it is built properly, with quality in mind, it will last for years to come.

This is a tilt head mixer. For those that do a lot of baking involving large loads of bread dough, a bowl lift KitchenAid mixer might prove more effective. They deal better with heavier loads, but are overkill for most home cooks (myself included, the Artisan suits my level of baking prowess perfectly).

KitchenAid Artisan Mixer Best Price

Well as you can imagine such quality does not come cheap.  But you might be surprised how low you can find this particular model priced online.  We found Amazon offer the best discounts (you can view all their prices and color options via the links above).

Prices vary for each color, but on average you can save $50 to $80 by purchasing online here, for the Artisan.  As a bonus there are often further rebates and special offers on too, but of course these vary so check before you pay.  Prices here are significantly lower than the KitchenAid own site which I find quite silly.

What Does the Artisan KitchenAid Mixer Give You?

So what is all the fuss about and why does every good cook need one?  Well, here’s the lowdown on what you actually get when you buy this KichenAid mixer…

  • A high quality American made stand mixer
  • 375 watt motor
  • 10 mixing speeds
  • Includes flat beater, dough hook and wire whip (all dishwasher safe)
  • Power hub for easy addition of various KitchenAid mixer attachments
  • 5 quart stainless steel bowl with handle
  • Pouring shield to avoid splatters and flour “puffs”
  • Tilting head design allows easy access to mixers and bowl.
  • Unique mixing action that will ensure everything is thoroughly combined (the beater spins clockwise whilst the shaft spins anti-clockwise resulting in the beater moving through 67 points in your bowl).
  • One year no hassle replacement warranty
  • Measures 14 by 8-2/3 inches by 14 inches and weighs 25 pounds.

The key differences between this and the Pro Series (apart from the price) is that this has a tilt head which many find easier to use (and store) since it is a doddle adding in new ingredients. Of course the Pro600, having a larger motor and being a bowl lift model does have a larger capacity for mixing and more power.

To be honest the 5 quart rather than 6 quart mixer isn’t much of a big deal.  The Artisan will cope with 7lbs of mashed potato whereas the Pro will get you up to 8lb.  In my book that isn’t much of a difference.  Of course the soft start on the more expensive model is a nice feature, but you can do this manually by simply not starting things off on the fastest speed straight away with this cheaper model.

But, if you do work your mixers very hard a bowl lift model might be worth the extra cost for you. I bake bread rarely, and so find the tilt head 5 quart version is more than adequate for my needs.

If you want more information on the key features of KitchenAid mixers to look out for please refer to my more recent article.

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer Customer Reviews

On the face of it, the Artisan should be a pretty fantastic addition to any shiny kitchen.  And to be honest, you don’t have to take my word for it.  Check out the customer reviews via the links above and you can see just how exceptional this product really is.

The key points mentioned include:

  • exceptional build quality
  • great investment
  • easy to use
  • sturdy
  • looks beautiful
  • works well
  • great value for money

Yes its a pricey bit of kit, but one of these stand mixers from KitchenAid should last you years and years which is not something we tend to expect from all those cheaper plastic mixers that conk out after a year or two if you use them regularly.

One additional point to note is that with both the KitchenAid stand mixers featured, you will probably want to clear some counter space for them.  They are gorgeous to look at, and relatively heavy so the best thing to do is leave them out on display.

The further advantage of this is, because they are handy you are likely to use the mixers more often, making your kitchen work easier and far more enjoyable.

The mixers are great gift ideas for cooks too, so if you want one I suggest you get hinting and perhaps someone kind will take note and give one to you come the holidays!  Plus of course there is a never ending list of handy attachments, such as pasta rollers, cutters, meat grinders and more that can all be bought over time to make the KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer do just about anything!

Even though I would never buy from the manufacturer since their prices are too expensive, their site is useful. You can download the Artisan mixer user manuals here.

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