Krups Fast Touch Coffee Grinder

The best coffee grinders need not be expensive.   The best selling coffee grinder today on Amazon, is this economical little number from Krups:

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Krups Coffee Grinder

coffee/spice grindersSo what do you get for such a low price then?  Well, a 200 watt motor that grinds coffee fast and fine.  It looks pretty good with its oval shape – good enough for My Shiny Kitchen anyway! This will grind up to three ounces of coffee beans at a time, which should give you enough for around twenty cups so you won’t need to keep grinding all day. This is, as you would expect a compact piece of kitchen equipment.  At only 6 inches tall and under 4 inches in diameter it isn’t going to take up much space on your counter-top. You also get the usual one year limited warranty.  Granted that isn’t anything too extraordinary, but you should find that with its sturdy stainless steel blades it goes on grinding coffee beans for many years to come.

Krups Coffee Grinder Reviews

You can check out all the Krups coffee grinder reviews via the link above.  At the time of writing over 500 customers had jotted down their response to the Krups Fast Touch coffee grinder.  Overall it has been given a 4.5 star rating out of a possible 5.  Basically this is a great little grinder for spices or coffee beans. But, one of the main things you might want to note is that this grinds beans finely.  As with many coffee grinders there is likely to be a little fine dust created.  If you don’t use paper filters you might want to avoid drinking that last sip of coffee, just in case.  Personally for the money, I’m not worried about a fine grind, but if you have more connoisseur tastes regarding your coffee habit you might want to buy something a little more exclusive. There have been a few unfavorable reviews, as you might expect with such a large number of responses.  My advice is, that if you get any piece of electrical cook-ware home and it is not performing perfectly at the start (or is giving off any smell when in use), send it back immediately.  Most of the problems seem to be with gadgets that seemed less than perfect on day one, and then unsurprisingly burnt out a year later.

Krups Spice Grinder

The beauty of a coffee grinder is that it doesn’t just grind coffee beans.  I have a coffee grinder so that I can grind my spices easily which speeds up my cooking of spicy Indian curries and so on.  Oh I used to use a pestle and mortar (in fact I still do on occasion when I am feeling old-fashioned and a little more relaxed), but honestly that can put you off cooking, since a “quick curry” is anything but, if you intend to grind everything by hand. One thing I would say that, is you do need to be careful with large woody spices.  I am talking about cinnamon sticks, since I killed a previous model of mine, by giving it one piece of cinnamon to many to cope with.  It burnt out the motor.  You will want to snap these into smaller pieces, or as I have taken to doing much of the time, popping the whole stick into your curry sauce and simply removing it when plating up. But if you want to grind spices and coffee you will probably need to buy two electric grinders.  This is because they simply aren’t designed to be cleaned quite enough to get the smell of cardamom or cinnamon off of them (or indeed coffee which is pretty pungent on its own). They’re simple to wipe clean so they are hygienic but strong spices will leave a strong odour which you really wouldn’t want transferred to your morning cuppa!  One tip which seems to work really well is to soak a cloth in water and baking soda.  Wipe your spice grinder inside with that, and under the blades (carefully) and the baking soda will remove a lot of the smell.

Krups Coffee – Spice Grinders

In an ideal world if you want to grind both your own spices and your own coffee you will need to invest in two kitchen gadgets; a Krups coffee grinder and a Krups spice grinder – even though they will be identical!  But with the low price that really shouldn’t be too much of a hard-ship.  Anyway these come in black or white, so you easily know which is for what type of grinding.

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