Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron Skillets

If you want the very best skillet, for the most perfect eggs, you simply have to choose a Le Creuset enamelled cast iron skillet.

If you have never used a Le Creuset cast-iron skillet before you might be forgiven for wondering what all the fuss is about.  True, these aren’t cheap.  But invest your money wisely and these will indeed last a lifetime.

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In fact, in my younger days, I bought my very first Le Creuset skillet at a garage sale for under $2.  Believe me I know how lucky I am.  But if this wonderful piece of cookware were ever to become damaged (though how it ever could I really cannot tell), I would not flinch at the price-tag of a new one, since I now know just how fabulous they are.

Skillets from Le CruesetSince then I have slowly amassed a modest yet oh so useful collection of Le Creuset cookware, and I just know I will continue to do so, for as long as my love of spending time in my shiny kitchen continues!  Once you try this kind of quality it is very hard to go back to anything thin and cheap again.

The only issue one could ever have with this range of luxury life-time lasting cookware is the weight.  Now to be sure, this weight is what gives it that supreme edge when attempting to fry eggs, but it can strain the wrists a little if you aren’t expecting it!  You have been warned!

green le creuset skilletThere are various shapes and sizes in the skillet range from Le Creuset.  I guess the choice depends on what you cook in such a pan the most.  For me, at least a 9″ pan is crucial for dealing with breakfast eggs, but were I a more solitary sole, the smaller 6″ pan might be more than adequate.  You will then need to negotiate the pretty color range too.  I know more organised souls would choose a color and then buy everything to match.  Personally though I love the way my assorted colors of Le Creuset cookware look in their higgledy-piggledy rustic way!

flame le creuset skilletsWhichever one you go for, you simply will not believe how totally impossible to burn anything is, or indeed how easy to clean they are!  My enamel skillet may not be so shiny and new, but it is still perfect and I really cannot even guess for how many years it has been helping create terrific dishes in the kitchen!

If you buy a cast-iron enamelled skillet today, yours will be even better perhaps than my old flame one.  Nowadays they are more usually supplied with iron handles which means they are great for searing and roasting meat or fish by popping the whole thing into the oven.  My rather more old-fashioned one sports a beautiful but perhaps less practical wooden handle.  Not to worry though, it gave me a greater excuse to buy another once my budget allowed, so I am not complaining!

If you like the idea of cooking in cast iron, but would prefer something more traditional (and a little less flamboyant), Lodge cast iron cookware is an economical alternative.

You can see Le Creuset skillets in action in this Home & Housewares Show video:

Neat huh?

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