Lenox Tuscany Classics Stainless Steel Ice Bucket

When entertaining from your shiny kitchen you simply must have a shiny stainless steel ice bucket!   If you have guests over for drinks at any time of year, but most definitely when the weather is warm, ice is a must.  And the only way to provide it in abundance and plenty of style is with a beautiful product like this Lenox Tuscany Classics ice bucket – it is a sheer delight!

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Granted there isn’t a whole lot you might want to say about a kitchen ice bucket.  But this is better looking than most, by far.  Hey its practical too, holding with a gallon capacity.  It is dishwasher proof and will keep your ice frozen for many hours.

stainless steel ice bucketWhat is perhaps a little more outstanding is that this ice bucket comes with the Lennox lifetime replacement policy.  Now, we all know that nothing really should go wrong with a stainless steel bucket, but still its nice to see a manufacturer actually putting their neck out a little to confirm that they are providing a great product.

If you want a practical ice bucket that doesn’t cost a fortune and looks really great, you have found it.  Far better than all those plastic ice buckets which might be useful but certainly won’t brighten up your party decor, this is a firm favorite with the folks that dine at My Shiny Kitchen!

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