Low Carb Cookbook

Well, its been nearly three months of following the slow carb diet. I’ve been so impressed that I have produced a Slow Carb Cookbook to celebrate! You can view it at amazon (for Kindle readers and apps) or Smashwords (for just about every other kind of electronic reading device via the links below:

low carb cookbook


Tasty Low Carb Cookbook for Kindle

For other eReaders and all other formats including for the PC it’s on Smashwords here: Low Carb Cookbook.


The book contains some of the recipes detailed here, in our Slow Carb recipes pages. In addition there is plenty of useful information that I thought would be handy for anyone beginning a lower carbohydrate diet plan. Though my focus is on eating the “slow carb” way, which means no bread, pasta, rice, grains or dairy, I have included recipes that can be enjoyed by those trying a more controlled regime.

I enjoy the benefit of eating plenty of vegetables and salads and know that for many these areas can be particularly difficult. The temptation to overload on meat and poultry might be acceptable to some regimes, but for a long term life-style change discovering some more balanced meals is I believe crucial.

After all, if a low carb diet is working, and helping you lose fat, why not stick with it (in a more relaxed way) forever, so that fat doesn’t get the chance to return in the future. Of course the book hasn’t been out for very long, and to be honest I hardly expect it to become a best seller, or for me to be the next Delia Smith. But, it has been an enjoyable experience, creating what I believe is a succinct but useful tool for those embarking on a lower carbohydrate life-style. In fact, creating a cook-book, and learning just how to get it published has been so much fun, I intend to create something new in the near future!

If you do buy the cookbook it would be great to get some feedback on it; both Smashwords and Amazon accept customer reviews so do let me know what you think!



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