Oxo Good Grips Cherry Pitter

Time to take a look at the Oxo Cherry Pitter – possibly the best cherry pitter available today, which rather surprisingly is one of the cheapest priced ones you can buy:

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Sometimes it is the simple things that really make life in the Shiny Kitchen a little easier!

oxo cherry pitterLast year I received what some might think was a slightly bizarre Christmas gift from my younger sister; a shiny new pitter, for dealing with all my home-grown cherries.  I am lucky enough to have several cherry trees, and whilst this makes for a very tasty early summer, it can also make for a quite messy one too, particularly when it comes to preserving and cooking those wonderful fruits.

To be perfectly honest I had been using a knife to pit all my cherries manually since I hadn’t got around to buying a pitter, and most of the year wouldn’t need one anyway. But my little sis realised I might just cook more pies if it was quicker to pit the fiddly fruit, so invested in one for me – I am so glad she did!

The problem with some pitters is that they can be extraordinarily messy, and a little hard on the hands if you have a lot of fruit to process. As usual Oxo Good Grips have ensured that ease of use is paramount, with a comfortable handle that makes, even dealing with large quantities relatively painless.

And, for those of you who find a messy kitchen a nightmare, the cherry splatter collector should be just the ticket. True, it won’t catch everything, but it will cut down hugely on the amount of mess caused when pitting cherries.

At the time of writing there are over 140 Oxo cherry pitter reviews on amazon (check them out via the link above), giving an average 4.5 out of 5 stars. There are some customers claiming these simply don’t work that well. I think, unless they have received a dud the chances are they are simply expecting too much. You need to put the cherries in the “right” way, for best results (just as with most similar gadgets), which allows the stone to move easily out of the fruit as you are working in line with where the stem was previously attached. Secondly, don’t expect these to be quite so great when it comes to dealing with olives. Some customers say they’re fine, but I personally prefer something a little stronger to deal with these much harder fruits.

All in all, with a low price, a splatter collector, and the comfort of use I still vote this one of the very best cherry pitters available today.



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