Oxo Good Grips Salad Spinners

If you are looking for the very best salad spinner to get the driest leaves without having to have a full work-out, check out the Oxo Good Grips range.  These ingenious salad spinners take all the effort out of salad preparation!

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A life without a salad spinner is hardly a real chore, or so you would think.  But anything that makes you think twice before adding a oxo salad spinnersnice crisp and healthy salad to your supper is something to be avoided at all costs.  I, just like many of us I imagine, have lived most of my adult life without a salad spinner.  I still ate my greens because I am a huge salad fan (my mother taught me well).  But there were times when the thought of negotiating mud and possible insects and then having to go through the whole rigmarole of drying those leaves did leave me a little cold, and there were times when my laziness led to a salad free supper.

Thankfully I realised the error of my ways and invested in a rather vibrant green salad spinner from Oxo as a healthy addition to My Shiny Kitchen.  Now I can clean a few days worth of leaves and they will stay crisp and fresh ready to eat as the fancy takes me.

Best Salad Spinners from Oxo Good Grips

There are hundreds of different makes and models out there.  But, the reason I believe Oxo salad spinners are the best, is that they are simply so darned easy to use.  My mother-in-law has arthritis in her fingers which can make certain kitchen tools awkward or uncomfortable to use.  But the entire Good Grips range from Oxo has been designed to be comfortable for just about everyone.  In fact they have even won the Tylenol/Arthritis Foundation Design Award.

I am lucky enough to have perfectly working digits at present, but still the ease of use (with one hand no less) has really made me a convert to the Oxo Good Grips range, and my first encounter with it was with their cool salad spinners.  Luckily they also have a stainless steel finish spinner that is more suited to my shiny kitchen than ever!

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