Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener

The Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener with free foil cutter, wine pourer and stopper may not have been the top pick in the best wine openers review but it fared very well.

The only reason it had the number 3 spot is because the other picks had a slight edge in design. But for the price of this pack it can’t come more highly recommended. No other options comes with so many extras so it makes it exceptional value for money.

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The pourer and stopper are a valuable addition and will certainly make life just that little bit easier, but let’s take a closer look at the opener itself.

Ozeri Nouveaux II Review

Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine OpenerThe first thing that stands out is the fact that it is the only model that is designed to stand up without the base stand. It takes up less room and is easier to use away from the charger.

Add to this the ergonomic design and grip and it is just that little bit different to other models.

Electric Wine Opener With Blue Light

The nice blue light when you charge or use it is a nice touch and actually something a lot of people are actively looking for. What else?

  • Curved design
  • Clear so it is the only model where you can follow the whole procedure visually
  • The Ozeri Nouveaux II deal makes it great value

And next to the Waring Pro WO50 it can open the most bottles with a single charge. In this case 60!!!

Ozeri Nouveaux For Sale

The sale price means that this is one of the best deals and if you like the idea of watching the cork come out as if my magic then this is the wine opener for you.

It is totally cordless, stand up away from the charger, is great on synthetic corks, the bane of my life, and is not going to let you down.

There are a wide choice of colors so be sure to look at the prices and options with the link at the top of our page.

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