Ozeri Pro Digital Kitchen Food Scale

If you wonder what is a good inexpensive digital kitchen food scale then it has to be the Ozeri Pro digital kitchen food scale, the price is amazing but it in no way compromises on quality.

In fact, this is one of my top picks in the electronic kitchen scales review guide. One of the best Ozeri food scales and very slim too. Take a look at the discount price we found so you don’t have to carry on hunting around.

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What we have here is basically a very stylish digital kitchen scale that is so cheap it is hard to resist. It comes with a number of great features, the tare button being one of the most important. It basically sets the display to zero at a push of a button.

ozeri pro But what I especially love about the Ozeri pro digital kitchen scale, apart from price, is that it is so slim. Space is often at a premium in the kitchen so being able to put a digital kitchen scale on its side is very welcome. It means we can slide it in somewhere on a shelf or anywhere else where there is a sliver of space. Just like we can with the gorgeous Ozeri Touch II kitchen scale.

slim electronic kitchen scaleIt comes with a wide range of options for the weights, lbs, kilos, grams and ounces, and begins at just 0.05 grams all the way up to 11 lbs, more than sufficient.

With its black and chrome style, the large buttons for ease of use and the slim and light feel this is perfect for anyone looking for a cheap digital kitchen scale that never compromises on quality of build and accurate results.

Other Features

A 3 minute auto shut off means that you won’t waster the batteries and what I especially love is the high quality LCD display.

It means that it can be viewed from many angles which is perfect if you are running around the kitchen in a slightly manic way, as I often am.

All in all the Ozeri pro digital kitchen food scale is perfect for those that want something sleek and professional looking but for a bargain basement price. Not to be missed.

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