Ozeri Touch II Professional Digital Kitchen Scale

Ozeri-Touch-IIAs I stated in the Electronic kitchen scales reviews article, the Ozeri Touch II professional digital kitchen scale is about the best looking digital kitchen scale currently on the market. But, and you are going to be pleased about this, it is also one of the cheapest.

I am kind of surprised at this, but there is no point asking for it to be more expensive is there? Currently the Ozeri Touch II is heavily discounted and so far below the RRP that it is an opportunity not to be missed if you want both quality and pleasing aesthetics.

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I didn’t really cover the Ozeri Touch ii in enough detail in the rundown of the top 5 (in my opinion) so let’s take a look at this cheap but elegant digital kitchen scale in a little more detail:

This is very high quality, just like the Ozeri Pro digital kitchen scale, but a lot slimmer and even more elegant.

The slim design has won awards and the glass is so tough that breaking it is going to be beyond us mere humans. All packaged in what we would expect from a good quality set of scales.

The ability to measure in all manner of different options, fluid ounces, lbs, KG and anything else that we desire is also a pleasing feature.

The tare function is also here, although this is now pretty much standard for digital kitchen scales. In case you are unfamiliar with this it basically means that we can set our weighing bowl, plate etc, on the scale, press a button and return the count to zero, very practical indeed.

Other Features

We also get batteries supplied, measurements beginning at 0.1 oz, a large display screen and a very intuitive set of touch sensitive buttons.

What I Like

I love the dark glass and the slimness. The whole scale can be simply slipped sideways in between cookbooks or any other slim space and is then there ready for when it is needed.

It looks a lot more expensive than it actually is, and the current price means that if you want something sleek and very designer looking it is hard to think of anything else that fits the bill better.

Ozeri Touch II Review

Reading over 60 Ozeri Touch II reviews one thing that stands out as far as consumers are concerned is the fact that it is very light. It makes it perfect for anyone who may have issues moving heavy scales or simply wants maximum convenience.

The touch sensitive buttons are very sensitive so we won’t be prodding away, the lightest touch will activate them.

But the main thing to be taken away is the fact that it looks so good. A very elegant addition to any kitchen, our Shiny Kitchen would be no such thing without a scale that is easy to clean and so reflective that we could check on our hair in the reflection. Um, not that I would ever do such a thing, of course!

If you want a very good quality item then the Ozeri Touch II kitchen scale is a very good choice indeed.

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