Presto Aluminum Pressure Cooker/Canner Review

Presto Pressure Cookers come in both Aluminum (featured on this page) and Stainless Steel (detailed here).  Aluminum pressure cooker-canners are preferred by those with a lot of canning to do.  And, since Presto offer some of the most affordable, their range is one of the best selling today.

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Presto Aluminum Pressure CookerBest Selling Pressure Canners

The low price, for a large 23 quart capacity pressure canner is presumably why Presto currently dominates the best seller lists for pressure canners at all the big name stores including Amazon.

As well as the large 18 and 23 quart pots perfect for canning, Presto also provide 4, 6 and 8 quart pressure cookers more suited to ordinary meal-times.

Key Features

Well, these are pretty similar to their stainless steel counterparts, but of course are made of aluminum which means very quick and even heating.

The Aluminum is thick, durable and should be pretty difficult to dent and the plastic handles will all remain cool to the touch.  Newer models are compatible with induction hobs, unlike the earlier versions, which is a nice improvement.

The larger 16 and 23 quart models have a great easy to read pressure guage which is perfect for canning and they all come with a 12 year limited warranty

The Verdict?

Well, would we recommend it?  To be honest, the smaller models (though cheaper) are over-shadowed by the stainless steel counterparts.  For a wider range of family meals, without worrying about corrosive foods and aluminum it makes more sense to pay a little more for the more versatile steel versions.

However, for canning on a budget, the large Presto Aluminum pressure cooker/canners are a great alternative to the All American pressure cooker range.

For the best prices on aluminum pressure cookers and canners from Presto we suggest looking at Amazon where their regular special deals tend to offer the cheapest source of this cookware.



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