Slow Carb Diet Recipes

boring old celeryAs much as I love pasta, this month is Slow Carb Diet month (inspired by the 4 Hour Body).  It means the Shiny Kitchen is seeing a whole shake up whilst I get to grips with a whole new way of eating.  I won’t bore you with the details of the slow carb way of eating (suffice to say, fewer carbs!), except that every meal must feature protein, legumes and vegetables.  The number one rule is no white carbs (or even carbs that could be white).

This means that whilst we feel like we are eating really healthily, with tons of lentils, beans and veggies, it also seems a little odd not piling everything onto rice or pasta.

This has meant really re-inventing meal time.  But, whilst many slow carbers will follow the very basic plates full of plain beans, spinach and beef I am afraid I am simply too interested in cooking to depress myself that much.

My version of the slow carb diet involves following all the rules bar one; “eat the same few meals repeatedly”.  True we are eating similar looking plates of food a lot, but there has to be some definition, and difference if I am to keep at this all month.  So, in a bid to remember what fun carb free meals I come up with, this is where I shall keep them all filed, and compiled!

Expect this page to be updated as new recipes come my way via inspiration or simply “using what’s left in the fridge”!

Slow Carb Recipes

Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is the meal I have found the most challenging, but after a few days of feeling like we were immersed in a foreign holiday where breakfasts where unknown I think we have got grips with it.   The key is to get things ready in advance.  If you can cook a little extra for your evening meal, it will be a welcome lazy treat come the morning (and will ensure you eat quickly because of course you want to get all that protein into your body as early as possible).


Lunch and Dinner


Slow Carb Dieting Made Easy

As we discover them, here are a few things that we find make the slow carb diet a little easier:

  • Boil a whole chicken, with stock vegetables (carrots, onion, garlic, celery) and herbs for 1hr – 1.5 hrs till the legs pull away easily.  Now you have lots of succulunt soft tender meat to throw onto whatever beany/lentil concoction you are eating next.
  • Get creative with your greens – take a look at our Salad Recipes and ideas for flavorsome salads for more ideas.
  • For more ideas check out my Low Carb Cookbook!

*Disclaimer – Don’t shoot me please, some of my veggie inclusions might not be “exactly” what Tim does, but they are what I do okay.  Take them out if you don’t eat them, just like I ignore the general slow carb consensus that eating processed things from jars, like ready made salsa is a good idea!

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