Spicy Prawn and Chickpea Mash

Not so much a recipe this one – more of an idea for anyone looking for some new Slow Carb Diet Recipes to try!  And, if you’re not trying to cut the carbohydrates you will still enjoy it (or add some pasta and make spicy seafood pasta instead!).


chick pea mash recipeWell this is very rough and ready I’m afraid.  Add what you like, but the general idea is this:

  • Great big juicy raw whole prawns with the shells on.
  • 2 bulbs of garlic finely chopped (or grated using your microplane grater).
  • Lemon (juice and zest).
  • Can of cooked chick peas
  • A teaspoon of cumin seeds and a teaspoon of dried cilantro powder (coriander), or a bunch of fresh – finely chopped).
  • Olive oil and black pepper
  • A couple of sliced spring onions (scallions)
  • A few chillies sliced (or a pinch of dried chili flakes)
  • Steamed veggies and/or salad to serve

You could add spinach to the chick peas, or peppers, broccoli or zucchini to the prawns – whatever you like and enjoy!  Fresh basil is a lovely addition to the prawn mix too.


I suggest you tackle (not that its hard) the chick peas first.  They’re fine served at room temperature, and they will keep for a few days too.

Chickpea Mash

  1. Warm a little olive oil in a good quality, heavy bottomed pan and add half the minced garlic, and dried spices.
  2. Once the scent of spice and garlic is wafting freely through in the drained can of chick peas.
  3. Warm through, stirring to stop the whole lot sticking and loosen with a little lemon juice or white wine vinegar if necessary.
  4. Mash with a good old potato masher, to get a smoothish consistency.  You don’t want to blend this as it will become too mushy – far better to allow a few chick peas to remain whole and give this some texture.
  5. Put a lid on and turn off the heat whilst you get on with the spicy prawns.  If you have fresh cilantro/coriander add it to the mix now.

Of course you could use dried chick peas, but I find them a real hassle since they can take 3 hours or so to cook.  So though I will soak and boil my own dried beans, I stick to cans or jars of chick peas instead.

For two people, half the mixture will probably suffice.  But it keeps well so just pop the leftovers in the fridge to go with tomorrows breakfast or lunch.

For the Prawns

I suggest you use whole raw prawns (or langoustines).  They tend to remain far more juicy than precooked, or shelled versions.  And, importantly having to deshell them at the table means you take a little longer over enjoying your meal – perfect when you’re trying to watch what you eat!  If you really cannot face pulling the heads off prawns at the dinner table, just do them quickly before dishing up – but honestly getting all that garlicky, lemony juice on your fingers is all part of the enjoyment of this type of seafood.

  1. In a wok or cast iron skillet that can take some real heat, warm a little olive oil.
  2. Add the chili, garlic and black pepper and fry on a low to medium heat till the garlic is starting to cook without coloring.
  3. Now through in all your prawns, scallions and any other veg you fancy, along with the lemon juice and zest.  Turn the heat up high and let it all bubble and fry quite quickly.
  4. Once the prawns have turned opaque you’re good to go.

Dish up the chickpea mash and prawns, alongside some steamed veggies or a huge salad.  Super quick and healthy dinner for two!


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