T-Fal Signature Hard Anodized Cookware Sets

It is hard to ignore the T-Fal Signature range if you are looking for non-stick hard anodized cookware. At around half the price of their nearest rivals, the sets have everything you need to keep your cooking from sticking!

Probably the best value for money non-stick cookware around, particularly on amazon, you can view previous customer reviews, and the current best prices for the Signature range by clicking the link below.

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t-fal signature cookware sets

The set pictured offers great value for money. The 12 piece set includes:

  • 5 quart covered Dutch oven
  • 1, 2 and 3 quart covered saucepans
  • 8 and 10.25 quart saute pans
  • 2 utensils

Now that is I guess an average size for a cookware set. You might want to check what you are currently using the most. For us, another larger pan and saute pan would be a must, but then this is a greedy household!

So what makes us think this is one of the best cookware sets around? Well, a few things now you’re asking…

  1. Firstly the price. These are very economical (but not too cheap and nasty either). Currently the RRP is just under $100 but you can usually find them for under $80 via the link above, since amazon always seem to have them cheaper. In fact as I write this they’re even including them in their 4 for 3 special offer (where you order 4 things but get the cheapest item free), though I don’t imagine that particular offer will stay up for too much longer.
  2. The fact that the set is pretty comprehensive, having most of what the average household might need.
  3. The hard anodized exterior which is pretty darn tough.
  4. The riveted soft touch handles which are comfortable to hold, and feel very secure.
  5. Vented tempered glass lids which allow steam to escape and let you keep an eye on how things are cooking.
  6. The aluminum core that as we all know takes the heat very well, and helps make these reasonably light-weight to use.
  7. Did we mention the price? These are half the price of many branded hard anodized non-stick cookware sets, and just as good as most.

There are a few “issues” though. First of all these pans are only oven safe to 350º which is really rather cool if you ask me! Secondly they’re not really dishwasher safe either, but then owning non-stick pans tends to mean having to be a little bit more careful with your pots than you might be with say stainless steel sets. My other concern is the vented lid, they simply aren’t the way I cook but I can see the attraction for others.

Though everything will nest together for easy storage, the lid handles are rather high which can be an issue in a smaller kitchen. My other minor gripe with this particular set are the looks. Some of you might love them, but to be they do seem a little old fashioned, but for the price I guess we can’t have everything!

If you prefer cooking in non-stick pans, then I think they really do need to be hard anodized if you want them to be very long lasting. And, if you want to keep kitchen costs down the T-fal Signature hard anodized cookware is definitely worth a look.


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