Tilt Head KitchenAid Stand Mixer Comparison

If you have your heart set on a KitchenAid Stand Mixer but no idea which model is best suited to your needs you are not alone! Read on, for a full comparison of the tilt head mixers on offer today. If you’re more comfortable with a bowl lift version, check out our KitchenAid bowl lift mixer comparison article. Hopefully we can help you make your mind up and choose the right one.

There are several features which all mixers share:

  • 10 speeds (using a slide control).
  • Power hub that will accept the same range of accessories.
  • 67 point “planetary” action means less scraping down the sides of the bowl as ingredients are mixed more thoroughly.
  • All come with a hassle free 1 year exchange warranty.

There are two distinct types of mixer available; tilt head mixers and bowl lift. You can read more about the differences between these two in our earlier KitchenAid Mixer Features article. You will probably want to decide which you prefer first, so I will be comparing the models within each type. In this article we will be looking at the Tilt Head stand mixers (you can compare Bowl Lift mixers here).

Tilt Head Stand Mixers

These are the iconic mixers we tend to see most often. Smaller than the bowl lift versions these are most suited to the home cook who doesn’t make mountains of bread on a daily basis! The tilt head makes it really easy to get at the ingredients, and to scrape down the sides of the bowl (though you will find that with their dual motion spin (rotating on their own axis, and also around the edge of the bowl) things get mixed more thoroughly than with dual beater mixers.

All come with 10 speeds, direct drive transmission and are the same size (13 15/16-inches tall, with a depth of 14 1/8-inches and a width of 8 3/4-inches).

KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer

KitchenAid ClassicThe Classic is the smallest mixer weighing in at “only” 26lb, and having a 4.5 quart stainless steel bowl. With 250 watts this is more powerful than many cheaper brands, but it is still the baby as far as KitchenAid are concerned. Whilst it will cope well for many home cooks, there are much more powerful models that will do better when it comes to dealing with larger batches of bread.

Included are a nylon coated C hook (for kneading dough), a wire whip and a nylon coated flat panel beater.

Classic Mixer Key Features: 4.5 quart bowl, 250 watts, nylon coated dough hook and flat beater, wire whip, available in white.

You might be able to track down a Classic Plus model (no longer featured at the manufacturer’s site), which looks pretty much the same but has a more powerful 275 watt motor. It also comes supplied with burnished metal C hook and flat beater.

KitchenAid Ultra Power Stand Mixer

This is the tougher version of the Classic. With 300 watts of power it might look like the previous model, but it will cope with far tougher jobs.

Ultra Power Mixer Key Features: 4.5 quart bowl, 300 watts, burnished metal dough hook and flat beater, wire whip. Available in 3 colors.

This one weighs in at the same 26lbs. Although it comes with the 4.5 quart bowl, it will happily accept 3 or 5 quart bowls too.

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

KitchenAid Artisan MixerThese are by far the most popular of the tilt head mixers. Coming in a huge range of colors, and metallic finishes these are a more versatile 5 quart capacity, with a 325 watt motor. Of course you have to pay a little extra for the increased power though!

Artisan Mixer Key Features: 5 quart bowl with handle, 325 watt motor, nylon coated dough hook and flat beater, wire whip, pouring shield, 25 color options, 2 metallic finishes, glass bowl option.

This goes back to nylon coating for both the paddle and the C hook. But you do get a pouring shield for the polished steel bowl which, if you’re as messy as me in the kitchen, is an absolute must (you can buy them as add-ons for the other models to). It makes it much easier to “funnel” ingredients into the bowl and stops splatter!

The bowl itself also has a “comfort” handle on the side which is handy for runny batters, but hardly essential.

There are a few variations on the Artisan theme.

  • you can go for the Artisan Design series which includes a more heavy glass bowl rather than the shiny steel one pictured, available in two colors it is heavier at 29lb.
  • or choose the Custom Metallic Series which is finished in either satin copper or brushed nickle, rather than the bright colors of the original Artisan range.

Best Tilt Head KitchenAid Stand Mixer?

Well, sorry but I can’t really say! The thing is, it really depends on how hard you’ll be working your mixer. There is absolutely nothing wrong with going for the cheapest Classic mixers, if you’ll be mixing batters and smaller loads of dough for pasta, pastry or bread. But, if you will be working the machine hard, creating large batches of dough regularly the KitchenAid Artisan stand mixers would give you the best results simply because with a larger motor it will be able to cope with working harder for longer.

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