Vacu Vin Stainless Steel Wine Saver Gift Set

Another item for the wine lovers out there.  The Vacu Vin Stainless Steel Wine Saver Gift Set is perfect for those of you unable to finish a bottle of wine in one sitting.  The vacuum pump expels excess air from the bottle.  Then with rubber stoppers your wine should stay fresh for over a week.

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Vacu Vin Wine Saver Gift Set

Vacuum wine pump setSo, what do you get in the box?  Well the main reason for getting this is the stainless steel wine pump.  This is the heart of the wine saver.  The vacuum pump allows you to easily expel air from the opened bottle of wine.

When the pressure inside is just right, it clicks to tell you.  Then simply pop in one of the two rubber wine stoppers supplied.  When you want to get back to drinking your wine, there are two wine pourers to help you with that too.

Why a Wine Saver Pump?

The Vacu Vin Wine Saver features a pump so you remove air from half-finished bottles of wine.  Once sealed again you should keep your wine fresh and tasty for over a week, rather than rushing to finish the whole bottle in one go.

This is a true shiny kitchen gadget, and a great gift item.  Perhaps not the most necessary item in the kitchen, it will save you on throwing good wine down the sink, which to me means it is worth its wait in gold!

It is by no means a miracle worker, to get the most from this particular wine accessory you need to know a little about why your wine is deteriorating in the first place.

Air, is the enemy of your wine.  Once open bacteria in the air will try their hardest to turn your lovely plonk into not so tasty vinegar.  Oxidisation as air comes into contact with your tipple are causing the taste to change and become, well far less than perfect.

So the more air you mix with your wine, the worse your problems will be, and the less drinkable it will become, all the more quickly.  Decanters may be beautiful but pouring from a bottle into a decanter will speed up the oxidisation as you mix lots of air with your wine pouring it out.

Temperature also has a big part to play.  Warmth will encourage bacteria to start breaking down your drink.  So for the longest living bottle of wine it will need to be kept cool once opened.  Just take it out of the fridge and hour or two before you want to finish the bottle if you want to drink it at room temperature.

With all this in mind to get the most out of the Vacu Vin Stainless Steel Wine Saver you will need to keep the wine in the bottle, pour gently and refrigerate the half finished bottle after vacuum pumping and inserting your rubber stopper.  In fact this is one wine gadget that you really won’t want to use with a wine aerator since it basically does the opposite of that.  If you follow these pretty simple procedures you should ensure your part bottles remain delicious for a full week or more.  To make this a real gift pack item they have thrown in a couple of “crystal like” wine pourers.  Now I don’t like their description but they are great if you have a tendency, like I do, to spill wine when pouring from the bottle.

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