Waring Pro WO50 Cordless Wine Opener

The Waring Pro WO50 Cordless Wine Opener came second in my cordless wine openers review. Not for any other reason than the Oster 4208 comes with a free wine cooler.

But if the reviews were based on looks alone then I would give the Waring Pro electric wine opener the number one spot.

It, to be blunt, looks amazing.

OK, this may not be at the top of the list in terms of features but it is important. But as we shall see it is not only looks that makes the Waring electric wine opener such a great deal. The low price and features do that on their own.

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Waring Pro WO50 Cordless Wine OpenerWaring Pro Cordless Wine Opener Review

Let’s take a look at what makes this the best looking and best performing electric wine opener:

  • Comes with foil cutter
  • Sleek design
  • Ergonomic
  • Soft touch
  • Stainless steel accents
  • Charging base

And I have saved the best until last.

Drum-roll please………………………………………

It opens 80 bottles of wine with a single charge!

Nearly all the other options will do a maximum of 30 or 40. Apart from the Ozeri Nouveaux II electric wine opener that can do 60.

Waring Pro WO50 Price

The price for the Waring Pro is exceptional for a device that can last so long on a single charge. As with all my picks you won’t need to spend $30 to buy it, much less in fact so it is great value. The Waring Pro WO50 for sale from our selected supplier to get you the best deal means that you simply cannot go wrong with this model.

More Great Features

The simplicity of use is a definite plus with this model. Simply align over the bottle after stripping the foil with the free cutter and push the button.

Wait for the whirring to stop and push the up button.

That’s it.

Simple, effective, elegant and a bargain price, what more could you ask for when you want to open a bottle of wine?

If you suffer from any kind of strain problems, if you find synthetic corks a real pain (as I do), or if you simply want to open a bottle without looking like you are having a wrestling match with your bottle of Sauvignon then buy the Waring Pro electric wine opener.

Not much more to say really!

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