Wine Accessories – Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator

The Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator makes a perfect gift for any wine lover.

I am no wine connoisseur.  I try, I really do but I am more a fan of food than drink.  That being said I know what I like, and it is often red, and must always complement my creative kitchen experiments.

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I was more than a little intrigued about wine aerators, not least of all because they seemed a little expensive, when surely opening the bottle for half an hour would suffice?  But prices are better than ever so my interest was piqued again!

Vinturi Essential Wine AeratorThe Vinturi Wine Aerator range really intrigued me because they are such great looking kitchen gadgets, and mysterious to boot!

Now, I believe these are really far more of a great gift idea for many of us.  Yes I might like to try one but my priorities are food based so I probably wouldn’t go out and buy myself one.

However receiving one as a gift is certainly fun, a little extravagant and decadent.  But then that is what all good wine is really, so I guess it suits its use perfectly!

Well, I have already admitted to being less than educated on the wine front, but I could convince myself that wine poured through the Vinturi Aerator did indeed taste a little better, slightly more mellow I think.  But to be honest I did wonder if that was just my mind playing tricks so I would enjoy my new latest kitchen toy more.  But reading Vinturi Aerator Reviews from real customers (click the link above to view) who do know their wine, has persuaded me otherwise.  It seems that even folks knowledgeable enough to spend $40 on a bottle of wine (and know it will be good) are impressed with what a difference using such an aerator can make.

How it works, is really pretty simple.  Pour the wine through the aerator and it gets mixed with air before landing in your wine glass.  It simply speeds up the natural process that decanting would do if you had more time!

I still don’t feel able to really know why, how or even if these really work – but surely hundreds of more wine savvy customers cannot be wrong?  So this is why, though I would never have bought one for my own shiny kitchen, I include the Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator as a classic, unusual and interesting kitchen gift idea for wine lovers everywhere.

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